asweetsea Gallery Pack

Made especially for Liza Sylvestre’s asweetsea exhibition, in collaboration with Vanessa Rolf, Dr Sarah Hayden and Newlands School, check out an exciting set of resources below!

Artist Pack
Meet the Artist

Vanessa Rolf is a locally-based artist and educator. Spending time with the deaf and hard of hearing pupils at Newlands School in Southampton, Vanessa created this Gallery Pack.

Adapting the language, layout and design used in the exhibition, Vanessa tailored these materials for the students, creating a set of accessible downloads to help form responses and further understand Liza’s show.

asweetsea is Liza Sylvestre’s first solo exhibition in the UK and is curated by Dr Sarah Hayden (University of Southampton) as part of Voices in the Gallery, an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded research project. With additional support from the University of Southampton’s Higher Education Innovation Fund.

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