JHG Gallery Team Creative Stories

When you enter the John Hansard Gallery, you get to see the product of our team’s hard work: exhibitions are open, workshops are running, conversations are happening. However, what you don’t often see is the work our team makes outside of the Gallery, their personal projects.

Together, our team forms a diverse group of creatives. We have writers, photographers, gardeners, poets, musicians, sculptors and illustrators – you name it, we’ve got it. We really value our team and their different interests and so would like to share with you just some of the things they have been making recently.

Unfortunately, due to the Gallery’s period of closure, we’ve been unable to offer you physical exhibitions and social contact. But, as you can see, our temporary closure has not affected our team’s creativity. We have set up online exhibitions, ran online workshops, and had conversations in comment sections. Our team is still making, still going, and is excited to get back soon.

This page is an archive of things created by our team during 2020, and beyond.

Amy Scott-Pillow

Ben Whitaker

Benji Heinke

Dave Hubble

Hazel Corvin 

Louise Burlefinger

Luke Shears

Piers Inkpen


Arboretum I (2020) by Luke Shears
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