Community Takeover Films

TRAnsitioning to a Circular Economy with creative artists

Community Takeover is a celebration of the rich vitality of ideas and talents of local people in Southampton of all ages and backgrounds.

During the five weeks of Community Takeover, we will be sharing films from a variety of project partners including:

Wellbeing through visual art and music
University of Southampton Health Science researchers Cindy Brooks and Michelle Myall have worked with local contributors and creatives to create a nature-themed visual art and music video as a resource to support wellbeing during Covid-19, and beyond.

Making and Breaking a Line

A partnership between dance artists Gabriel Galvez-Prado and Suna lmre, poet Hugh Greasley and a local over 50’s support group using movement and writing to interact with John Hansard Gallery’s recent exhibition, Derek Jarmans Modern Nature. The group explore ideas around landscape, mental health, and life itself!


The TRACE (TRAnsitioning to a Circular Economy with creative artists) is an award-winning project between scientists, creative artists and local primary schoolchildren. It highlights ways to communicate to the public about the problems associated with e-waste. Presented in collaboration with the University of Southampton’s Professor Ian Williams, Applied Environmental Science .

Plastic Pollution

Artist Susannah Pal has worked with Professor Ian Williams to understand the impact of plastic pollution. In response, Susannah is making art that explores what impact microplastics have when they shed from textiles, and this short film is an insight into her creative process.

Interactive Weaves
Interactive Weaves is a project designed, planned and created by Alice Hume to make collaborative art with Hotwalls Studio artists and the public in Portsmouth. Seven woven installations were created during the summer of 2021 in Old Portsmouth using local waste materials of paper, textile, plastic and plants. Hotwalls Studio artists ran free workshops or life-painted the events, and over 500 people contributed to the artworks which were exhibited in the Historic Round Tower and Portsmouth Cathedral. Alice Hume was mentored by John Hansard Gallery for the duration of this project. This film documents the project and was created by Alex Fountain. Interactive Weaves was funded by Arts Council England.

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