What Does Working Together Create?

What Does Working Together Create? 2023. Photo: Nosa Malcolm.

Part of World Social Work Day and Social Work Week 2023, this exhibition includes artworks from adults and their social care staff from Southampton Day Services.

Their art has been displayed collectively as a sun to show how people work together, just as the sun represents life, positivity and hope.

The artists chose any colour or material they wanted to express their ideas. The sun and the sky can include many colours from dawn to dusk, and from storms to sunny days.

We asked how the artists felt about making their art and their responses are shared on the clouds.The creation of this mosaic work shows that we can all be creative, and by working together, we reduce the stigma of ‘them and us’.

With thanks to all artists from Southampton Day Services: Sembal Resource Centre and Woolston Community Centre, R Community CIC, Newfields Gardening CIC, City College and Workmobility, together with teams across Southampton City Council, Adult Social Care (Social Wellbeing Service, Learning Disability Team, Adult Social Care Connect, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Team, Hospital Discharge Team, Community Independence Teams).

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