Public Seminar Weather Reports

Abelardo Gil-Fournier, As a Mutely Vibrating Consonant, 2023

Join us for an interdisciplinary seminar that brings theorists, scientists and artists together to examine how we perceive wind as model, media, and experience.


Blending embodied experience, data practices, and aesthetic production, this seminar aims to better our understanding of climate change through the medium of wind.


2pm Weather Reports: Welcome, Introductions & Overview
Professor Ryan Bishop & Professor Jussi Parikka 

2.15pm Weather patterns, climate footprints
Dr Sasha Engelmann for open-weather

2.45pm How and where we sense the wind
Dr Elizabeth Kent

3.15pm What’s past is prologue: a 250+ year series of storminess for the English Channel
Dr Richard Corne

3.45 – 4pm Break

4pm The leaf in the background, the background is wind
Dr Abelardo Gil-Fournier

4.30pm Elemental chiasmus: three aeolian lessons
Dr Maximilian Gregor Hepach & Professor Birgit Schneider

5pm Live Performance: An Island of Sound
Dr J.R. Carpenter & Dr Jules Rawlinson

5.30 – 6.30pm Drinks

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