Stair/Slide/Space Love Kept Us Warm

Love Kept Us Warm is a constellation of exchanges with an expanded community to consider shifting ideas of boundaries and belonging. Culminating in a series of social gatherings and meals, the project asks the question: can conversations about the home help us to reimagine the institutional, social and political? 

Love Kept Us Warm will activate Gallery 3 throughout September 2019, with the documentation to be included in Southampton City Archives.

The project is led by Stair/Slide/Space, a collective of artists and curators whose practice is grounded in cooperation, friendship and discussion. The group have been working as associate artists with John Hansard Gallery since we moved into our new home last year. ‘Love Kept Us Warm’ is the culmination of their time spent with us. 

Love Kept Us Warm is presented as part of our Home Economics programme.

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