Space to Create! Pythagoras' Tool Kit: Science and Sounds

Get involved with our collaboration for the University of Southampton’s Hands on Humanities Festival and hear your drawings played by musicians live streamed on Saturday 21 November!

Check out our film and downloadable resource that invites you to create your own musical score through drawing and collage, then perform it back exploring sound, rhythm and pitch. This activity is for complete musical beginners, no understanding of how to read music is necessary.

Send us your creations by Thursday 19 November for a chance of them to be played as a piece of music. Email images to [email protected], or tag us on Instagram @johnhansardgallery.

This is a collaboration with University of Southampton composer Ben Oliver, puppetry director Rachel Warr, acoustics expert Dr Matthew Wright and cellist David Lale.

Watch a short film by here created by Ben Oliver and Rachel Warr describing the project.

Pythagoras’ Tool Kit is part of a wider project in development with Ensemble Paramirabo from Canada. A live show with puppetry and music is due to be performed at venues in Canada and the UK in 2021/22. For more information watch this space.

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