Space to Create! Upcoming programme

Join us every Saturday for sessions to draw, make and build together. Activities are artist-led and inspired by our exhibitions.

FREE. Suitable for all aged 4 and over. Under 16’s must be accompanied at all times by an adult.

Drop-in times: 11am to 1pm

Saturday 18 March
Make a concertina landscape!

Inspired by the collage animation in David Blandy’s film, The Edge of Forever, use recycled cardboard to layer a landscape! Create as many details as you like, or keep it simple with only a couple of layers!

Saturday 25 March
Create a landscape from sound!

Foley is a term used in film making to create sounds using different methods!
 Try making some every day sounds out of random objects! Record these sounds to play back and make others guess the object, or create a soundscape inspired by Bani Abidi’s The Song.

Saturday 1 April
Enjoy making a mess?
Come along this week’s Space to Create! and work BIG. Create a futuristic landscape using collage, drawing or colouring and cover the wall and floor with your design! Inspired by David Blandy’s resources in our Gallery 3!

Saturday 8 April
Game On!
Join Board in the City to play games related to some of the themes within David Blandy’s exhibition Atomic Light! Will you battle it out in a WW2 themed game, create a futuristic world, or keep it simple by playing some traditional cards!

Saturday 15 April
Get Creative!

Join a local artist to explore familial connections and origin stories inspired by David Blandy’s exhibition! Work across a variety of media to develop these ideas into works of art!

Saturday 22 April
Make with our Artist in Residence!
Explore what our Artist in Residence has been making! Engage, explore, develop and take part in their ongoing practice inspired by David Blandy’s current exhibition.

Saturday 29 April
Try some creative writing!
Think about songs or poems that remind you of home and develop these words into poems, images or songs! Record your creative writing on iPads, or put them in an envelope addressed to someone close to you!

Saturday 6 May
Food, nitrates, waste and the coronation!
Create a banquet of food made out of recycled materials. Think about your favourite dish and how you could recreate this using cardboard, soft play, drawing or collage on our banquet table!

For more information, or any accessibility questions, please contact [email protected].

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