Poetic Science

Join us for a live showcase event, as part of the Science and Engineering Festival and Biological Sciences Outreach Festival!

Final works of poetry will be presented by the Poetic Science 3 cohort including research scientists, post-doctoral researchers, postgraduate and third year students at the University of Southampton.


In partnership with John Hansard Gallery, the Southampton Institute for Arts and Humanities and the Public Engagement with Research unit, a third cohort of researchers working across a range of science disciplines at the University of Southampton have taken part in an exciting and dynamic project which brings science and poetry together.

Poetic Science aims to foster an environment of multidisciplinarity, supporting postgraduate students, post-docs, and researchers in the sciences to develop creative engagement and communication techniques about their research through poetry.

Working with the Poetic Science Creative Writer, Dr Helen Eastman, participants have accessed sessions developing skills in poetry and live performance.

About Poetry@JHG
Poetry@JHG was established in 2013, starting off as an idea for the completion of a Gold Arts Award project before evolving into a larger program of creative writing within, around, and supporting visuals arts visitor engagement.

A key element for Poetry@JHG events is in engaging participating poets to respond to themes within relevant exhibitions, culminating in live events in the gallery so that audiences are surrounded by the artworks and the spoken word simultaneously. This experience facilitates discussions about the work that a traditional setting may not. Poetry@JHG has led to further gallery engagement with creative writing programmes, organisations and events in Southampton, such as SO:Write events and Writer in Residence opportunities, Entropics events, and wider Hands-on Humanities Festivals.

The Southampton Institute for Arts and Humanities
SIAH places culture at the heart of world-changing research. We work across subjects to support socially engaged, creative and critical work. SIAH uses the critical and creative resources of the arts and humanities to respond to contemporary challenges. We work with the arts, heritage and cultural sectors to share knowledge in innovative and meaningful ways.

With special thanks to the Poetic Science Advisory Panel at Biological Sciences and the English Department, University of Southampton.

Professor Stephanie Jones, Co-director of  the Southampton Institute for Arts and Humanities
Dr Claire Clarkin (Associate Prof in Skeletal and Developmental Biology, Director of Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise School of Biological Sciences)
Dr. Ronda Gowland-Pryde (Senior Engagement Fellow / Civic University Lead, Public Engagement with Research unit)
Lynne Dick (John Hansard Gallery, Head of Programming – Engagement & Learning)
Bella Gorman (John Hansard Gallery, Communities Curator)

As a signatory to the NCCPE’s Manifesto for Public Engagement, the University is committed to sharing knowledge, resources, and skills with the public, and to listening to and learning from the expertise and insight of the different communities with which we engage.

The Public Engagement with Research unit (PERu) exists to inspire and support high-quality public engagement with research across all disciplines at the University of Southampton.

To find out more about the Southampton Science and Engineering Festival (SOTSEF) and other events taking place during the festival, click here.

The Biological Sciences 2024 Outreach event will be held on the 21st of March 4-7pm B85/Life Sciences  and will be showcasing the diversity of biological research undertaken across the school  through a range of fun and interactive activities! This year the event is welcoming local community partners to visit and also exhibit at the festival. Book your free ticket here.

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