Throughout February 2021 in celebration of LGBT+ History Month, John Hansard Gallery is thrilled to present COMMUCRACY NOW!, a short film by Oozing Gloop and NewfrontEars (2020).

The world’s biggest and only autistic green drag queen, Oozing Gloop inspires people to re-imagine the structures that govern their lives. Defying usual understanding of meaning and belonging, this world to come is run via a new economy of government – COMMUCRACY.

Follow Oozing Gloop on this epic trip, where you’ll find psychoactive solutions for psychopathetic citizens trapped behind the very screens that are there to help them communicate! From the highest to the lowest, Oozing Gloop will seek to link the universal to the particular to revive the democratic impulse and pose the communist hypothesis.

Read the COMMUCRACY NOW! Manifesto here.

COMMUCRACY NOW! is a direct challenge to the notion that people with Autism “struggle with social imagination”, and also to the simple fact it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. We have a wealth of apocalyptic omens, disaster movies and critique; but zero 21st century post-capital-culture. Oozing Gloop defies this with revolutionary zeal and determination to open radical new spheres of imagination and fantasy!

Oozing Gloop is the world’s leading green autistic drag queen. Their practice relates primarily to the interplay of trash and transmutation over the body. He/she/it re-stages folkloric encounters to isolate the universal elements in our shared political landscape. This is manifested through an interdisciplinary practice of philosophy, performance, photography, installation, sculpture, film, politics, social media and tattoo in which there is no hierarchy of mediums.

NewfrontEars is an enigmatic artistic body that offers a new level of cinematic live-streaming at the knife’s edge of technology and art.

COMMUCRACY NOW! was originally commissioned by Marlborough Productions and Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists with funding from Arts Council England. The COMMUCRACY NOW! Manifesto was created by Oozing Gloop and designed by Samuel Gieben. The COMMUCRACY NOW! video was created by Oozing Gloop & Newfrontears.

Responding to Oozing Gloop’s online exhibition and manifesto COMMUCRACY NOW!, John Hansard Gallery and Winchester School of Art are pleased to present an in conversation between artists Oozing Gloop and Olympia Bukkakis. With Dr Valentina Cardo, Associate Professor of Politics and Identity at Winchester School of Art on Saturday 27 February. More information and booking here.


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