New Podcast On The Gallery Floor

Hosted by John Hansard Gallery staff members Luke and Piers, On The Gallery Floor is a new podcast that aims to transform contemporary art’s reputation from an inaccessible conundrum into an ordinarily relatable experience for all.

Episode #1 with Anne Tallentire

Luke and Piers talk to the legendary conceptual artist Anne Tallentire about her exhibition, Material Distance. Conversation topics include making artwork, what draws attention, how we express ourselves in the world, and Luke’s past employment at a DIY hardware store.

Episode #2 with David Blandy

Luke and Piers talk to the artist David Blandy about his exhibition, Atomic Light. Conversation topics include finding beauty within devastation, working with family, and how video games and literature influence each other.

Episode #3 with Mel, Leah, and Sara

Luke and Piers talk to Mel, Leah, and Sara about their exhibition, What Does Working Together Create? Conversation topics include exhibiting for the first time, making galleries more accessible, working together, and Luke’s current love for Miley Cyrus.


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