Haroon Mirza /\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\

Haroon Mirza, /\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\, commissioned by LiFE, Saint Nazaire and Le Grand Cafe. Courtesy the artist

Multimedia artist Haroon Mirza melds theoretical physics, sound design, theories of consciousness, video montage and questions of European identity into the piece, /\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\.

Titled after the symbol for the constellation Aquarius, the work is a single-channel adaption of the original four-channel installation, which was part of Haroon’s recent major solo exhibition, Waves and Forms, at John Hansard Gallery.

This version with special audio mix by artist Jack Jelfs, was originally created for FACT and is presented for the University of Southampton Science and Engineering Festival, SOTSEF, this year in digital form.

SOTSEF is an award-winning annual event that allows everyone to explore and discover what the world of science and engineering has to offer.

Haroon Mirza has won international acclaim for installations that test the interplay and friction between sound and light waves and electric current. He devises sculptures, performances and immersive installations.

Mirza was born in 1977 in London where he lives and works. He has a BA in Painting from Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, an MA in Design Critical Practice and Theory from Goldsmiths College (2006) and an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design (2007).

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