In Conversation Gayle Chong Kwan and Adam Bobbette

Gayle Chong Kwan, A Pocket Full of Sand, installation view, John Hansard Gallery, 2024. Photo: Reece Straw

Join Gayle Chong Kwan in a hybrid conversation with Dr Adam Bobbette, followed by an artist tour of Chong Kwan’s current exhibition.

In Conversation: 1.30–2.30pm
Artist tour: 2.40–3pm


Gayle Chong Kwan explores historical, political and ecological life. Chong Kwan’s show, A Pocket Full of Sand (until 11 May 2024) looks at the links between the Isle of Wight and Mauritius through island communities, trade links and natural resources.

Adam Bobbette is a human geographer and political geologist interested in the relationship between geology and society. Currently lecturing in Political Geology at the University of Glasgow, Bobbette’s research spans the environmental humanities and geohumanities.

Adam has written an essay on Gayle Chong Kwan’s exhibition, A Pocket Full of Sand. Read it here.

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