British Sign Language tour of Atomic Light with Martin Glover

Join Martin Glover, a BSL (British Sign Language) user, on a free guided tour of David Blandy’s Atomic Light.


Explore David Blandy’s Atomic Light, which tells the story of his grandfather, a World War II prisoner of war, who believed the atomic bombing of Hiroshima saved his life. How could this horrific event that killed over 100,000 people give life, not just to David’s family, but to many others too? David’s exhibition lets you explore this haunting question through films, installations, games, and archives.

Followed by a creative workshop inspired by David’s tabletop game, The Lives of the StarsRefreshments will be provided.

Martin is a Deaf Architect and an established BSL facilitator for galleries and museums.

If you have any queries, please contact Lynne Dick on 023 8059 2160 or email [email protected].


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