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David BlandyAtomic Light

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Bani AbidiThe Song

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David BlandyChild of the Atom

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Exhibition 21 March – 3 June

What Does Working Together Create?

Opportunities 2 March – 9 April

Open CallConstellations

Event 18 March – 6 May

Space to Create!Upcoming programme

Opportunities 9 March

JHG Ambassadors ProgrammeCall Out

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Contemporary art doesn’t have to be a conundrum! On The Gallery Floor is a new contemporary art podcast where artists and audiences get to interview each other. In Episode 2, Luke and Piers talk to the artist David Blandy about his exhibition, ‘Atomic Light’. Conversation topics include finding beauty within devastation, working with family, and how video games and literature influence each other. Coming soon! 🎙🎙🎙 #Art #ContemporaryArt #ArtGallery #Artwork #Artist #ModernArt #ArtPodcast #Podcast #Painting #Sculpture #Film #Photography #Culture #Museum #Talk #ArtInterview #ArtWriting #ArtReview #JohnHansardGallery #UniversityofSouthampton #Southampton — @artsunisouth @uni_southampton @uos_engagement @uni_southampton_wsa @visualartssw @cvanetwork @cvan_se @aceagrams @visit_soton @southampton2025 @southamptoncitycouncil @southamptoncityartgallery @chaos_southampton @aspacearts @ght_soton @southamptoncityartgallery @cityeye_media @union_soton @southamptonculturetrust @david_blandy_
Create a landscape from sound! Foley is a term used in filmmaking to create sounds using different methods! Try making some everyday sounds out of random objects! Record these sounds to play back and make others guess the object, or create a soundscape inspired by Bani Abidi’s The Song. Saturday 25 March, Drop-in times: 11AM to 1PM. FREE. Suitable for all aged 4 and over. Under 16’s must be accompanied at all times by an adult. 🎧 #MakeArt #Art #ArtGallery #ArtOfTheDay #Making #MakingMemories #FamilyFriendly #SpacetoCreate #ChildFriendly #LetsCreate #KidsActivities #JHGEngagement #FreeEvents #Southampton #JohnHansardGallery #ArtActivities #Family #FamilyTime #FamilyFirst — @childfriendlysouthampton @visit_soton @visit_soton @southamptoncitycouncil @sotonevents @uos_engagement @fantasticforfamilies @sotoncep @chaos_southampton @cocreate.soton
Slicing through a grey day here in Southampton... . Now showing in our upstairs galleries is a major new solo exhibition by @david_blandy_. Atomic Light features four new films that are Blandy’s most ambitious productions to date, building upon his continued interest in history, the legacy of empire and the climate crisis. Two films are shot on location in Singapore and the UK, the others created using archive and found footage. . Expanding on his Artist Residency @townergallery in 2022, the new exhibition at John Hansard Gallery includes immersive installations and ephemera. . In Sunspot, two observatories, one in one in California, one in Tokyo, both observe the same sun on the day an atomic sun was made on earth – the Hiroshima bomb. In Soil, Sinew and Bone, a history of war and a history of agriculture are mirrored, the fertile earth of phosphates and nitrates reflected into weapons of war. . All the tales are connected through the story of Blandy’s grandfather, a British soldier interred as a Japanese prisoner of war, who believed that the horrific atomic bombing of Hiroshima saved his life. The twinned films, The Edge of Forever and Empire of the Swamp feature the landscapes of southern England, his home, and Singapore, where he was held as a POW. . Atomic Light is on show until 6 May 2023 🌕 . Link in bio for more 🔗 . Atomic Light is co-commissioned by John Hansard Gallery and Towner Eastbourne, supported by @aceagrams, @screenarchivese and The Elephant Trust. . . #DavidBlandy #JHGBlandy #AtomicLight #Art #ContemporaryArt #History #WW2 #Empire #ClimateCrisis #Film #Exhibition #NewExhibition #Southampton #SotonArts @artsunisouth @uni_southampton @uos_engagement @uni_southampton_wsa @visualartssw @cvanetwork @cvan_se @aceagrams @visit_soton @southamptonculturetrust @aspacearts @ght_soton @solentuniversity @solentcreatives @southamptoncitycouncil @southamptoncityartgallery @seventeengallery . 📷: @reecestraw