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Tangled Hierarchy Curated by Jitish Kallat

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Jitish KallatCovering Letter

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Rodell WarnerNatural Error

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Event 29 June – 3 July

We Are Invisible We Are Visible

Event 9 July

British Sign Language guided tour of Tangled HierarchyWith Martin Glover

News 29 March

Co-Creating the Public RealmA new community-focussed public art project

News 1 February

Southampton 2025Inclusion Pledges

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Opening Times

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 11am – 5pm
  • Wednesday 11am – 5pm
  • Thursday 11am – 5pm
  • Friday 11am – 5pm
  • Saturday 11am – 5pm
  • Sunday Closed
142 – 144 Above Bar Street
Southampton SO14 7DU
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My name is Louise and I work as a Gallery Assistant. Those of you who know me will know how much I love a good hat, you can always find me wearing one of my collection whilst working in the gallery. . At the moment I am enjoying our own exhibitions Tangled Hierarchy, curated by Jitish Kallat, and Kallat’s immersive installation Covering Letter. . 1. This is me interacting with ‘Covering Letter’ by Jitish Kallat. I am entering the fog wearing my cream cap, and leaving wearing my yellow beret. Such a fun thing to do. . 2. A still of ‘Covering Letter’. . 3. ‘Map (mobile)’ by Mona Hatoum. This is continually moving, so the reflections in the glass constantly change. . 4. This is my view of ones of the footballers in 'Caryatid’ by Paul Pfeiffer through the plinth in Gallery 2. One of my favourite views of this exhibition. . . #JHGGalleryAssistants #JHG #JHGKallat #JitishKallat #PaulPfeiffer #MonaHatoum #Art #ContemporaryArt #Installation #Sculpture #History #Culture #IndiaAt75 #IndiaHistory #India #MahatmaGandhi #TangledHierarchy #CoveringLetter #Southampton
Normally, if you were to look out from John Hansard Gallery onto Southampton’s streets, you would see the world passing by – families on a day out, the hum of public transport, skateboarders kickflipping in Guildhall Square. . Today, however, don’t just look out; look up, and watch the world turning above you. There you will find Mona Hatoum’s mesmerising work, Map (Mobile). . Mona Hatoum's work examines displacement in relation to partitioned land and borders. In Hatoum’s installation, precariously suspended fragments of breakable glass form a gigantic map of the world. . Visit this work now as part of Tangled Hierarchy, curated by Jitish Kallat. The exhibition is on show until 10 September. . We are open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am–5pm and entry is FREE. . Link in bio 🔗 . . #JHGKallat #JitishKallat #TangledHierarchy #Art #Culture #Film #Installation #History #India #MahatmaGandhi #IndiaAt75 #MonaHatoum #KaderAttia #KimBeom #HenriCartierBresson #PaulPfeiffer #MykolaRidnyi #HomaiVyarawalla #VilayanurRamachandran #RogerPenrose #RogerShepard #AlexaWright #Zarina #Southampton @artsunisouth @unisouthampton @uni_southampton_wsa @visualartssw @cvanetwork @cvan_se @aceagrams @visit_soton @southampton2025 @southamptoncitycouncil @southamptoncityartgallery @aspacearts @ght_soton @chaos_southampton @partitionmuseum @uos.india @indiabusinessgroup @whitecube . With thanks to #CityEye 🙏
On Saturday 2 July, John Hansard Gallery will join 29 museums and galleries across the UK to host We Are Invisible We Are Visible (WAIWAV), presented by @dashdisabilityarts, the disabled-led visual arts organisation. . 31 disabled artists will disrupt 30 museums and galleries across the country with surreal interventions in recognition of the 102nd anniversary of the first Dada International Exhibition. The project, which won the 2021 Ampersand Prize, is the most ambitious showcase of work by d/Deaf, Disabled and Neurodivergent artists to be presented in the UK. . At John Hansard Gallery, artist @alice.quarterman will be performing her public intervention, ‘Untitled: Why Are You Writing That Down? I Said It’s Untitled’ in front of the Gallery. Alice’s performance involves chewing gum, while her Dadaist puppet, Keith, a set of broken wind-up teeth, attempts to do the same. The work explores ideas around neurodivergent communication and behaviour, as well as referencing the Dadaist tradition of creating artworks that exist with and without meanings. . Catch Alice’s performance outside John Hansard Gallery this Saturday throughout the day. . Link in bio 🔗 . DaDa is dead. Long live DaDa!​​​​​​​ . . #WAIWAV #DisabilityArts #DASHDisabilityArts #Ddeaf #Neurodivergent #Dada #AliceQuarterman #Southampton #VisualArts #PerformanceArt #Happenings #Takeover @artsunisouth @unisouthampton @uni_southampton_wsa @visualartssw @cvanetwork @cvan_se @aceagrams @visit_soton @southampton2025 @southamptoncitycouncil @southamptoncityartgallery @aspacearts @ght_soton @chaos_southampton @ampersand_projects @ampersandampersandampersand